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Christian Reese Johnson | Newborn Photography

We have been incredibly blessed with many years of taking pictures of your babies, now we have been blessed with our very own!  It’s taken us more time than we’d like to have posted his images but it is worth the wait I promise.  Christian Reese Johnson was born December 27th, 2013 | 5:40 PM | 8 lbs 8 oz | 20 3/4 inches long.

Christian decided to make an early arrival, we feel that he was ensuring Mom’s safety by his arrival.  We experienced a pretty serious scare when we went into our 38 week appointment, the Dr came in and said the good news is you get to meet your baby today but we need to get you ready for an emergency c-section.  The surgery went well however Mom’s BP didn’t go down like normal Preeclampsia cases and lingered on for several days.  We were in the hospital for 5 days initially and then back into the ER the following day and then stayed another 2 days, then home for less than 15 hours before we rushed to the ER in the middle of a night, what a terrifying experience but also an incredible journey with God.  Jeanene is doing so well now and we’ve been to see our friend Eric; an incredible cardiologist at Medical City Dallas.  He did a full workup to rule out any permanent damage, she’s still on medication but has been weened off a little so she’s doing exceptionally well.

Christian thru all of this has been amazing, he was sleeping thru the night the very first night and has continued to do so.  We have been blessed with an incredible beautiful boy, he’s now a little over 10 lbs and is an eager nurser.  The few times we give him a bottle he holds it himself, he is pretty independent considering how early it is, we’d like for him to be dependent on us a bit longer 😉  It has been such a joyful experience since we have been home to spend time with him.  It is incredible to see how quickly he changes from day to day.

What a blessing to have this little man!  Here are just a few of the images to come in his life, we are now proud to introduce the next most photographed baby ever.

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